A chapter by chapter summary of Bill Gates’s brilliant new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”


Chapter 1: Why zero?

Chapter 2: This will be hard

Chapter 3: Five questions to ask in every climate conversation

  1. How much of the 51 billion tons per year are we talking about?

Chapter 4: How we plug in

Making carbon-free electricity

Storing electricity

Chapter 5: How we make things

  1. To generate the electricity that factories need to run their operations
  2. When we use them to generate heat need for manufacturing (like melting iron ore)
  3. When we actually make the materials, like how cement and steel manufacturing inevitably produces CO2

Chapter 6: How we grow things

Chapter 7: How we get around

Chapter 8: How we keep cool and stay warm

Chapter 9: Adapting to a warmer climate

Chapter 10: Why government policies matter

  1. Mind the investment gap

Chapter 11: A plan for getting to zero

Chapter 12: What each of us can do



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Payel Kundu

Payel Kundu

I'm a neuroscientist and bibliophile. I read a wide variety of books and write detailed book summaries and notes to help you get the key takeaways.